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Michael Notko

Certifiably Creative.

"Good design is much like good art. Without calculated composition, harmonious color, proper value and a narrative to which your audience will relate… You’ll end up with just lipstick on a pig.”

Meet me, Michael Notko. A crackerjack, multidisciplinary, creative designer and developer living in Orange County, Ca. Armed with a startup mentality and traditional art roots, I’ve spent the last 16 years designing fledgling brands into larger ones, helping established brands refresh and evolve, and just about everything in between. I strive for pixel perfection, simplicity and pay attention to each and every detail in all my work; Nothing is ever too difficult or complicated.

When not in front of a computer, I can be found painting or drawing, playing bass, exploring Southern California with my wife, harassing our four cats, or stopping pucks for one of my many ice hockey teams.

I am currently accepting freelance projects

My freelance services include web design, front-end web development, email design and coding, visual design, UI design and branding.


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Born in Chicago. MADE in California.